Star Wars Droid BIG Toy Unboxing, Sphero, LittleBits, BB-8, C-3PO, R2-D2 | James Bruton


eBay have asked me to do another Big Droid Unboxing video, so here it is. I’m unboxing, demonstrating and reviewing: Sphero R2-D2, Sphero BB-9E, littBits Droid Builder, Large interactive BB-8, C-3PO, R2-D2, and Porg Toy. This video is sponsored by eBay.

Sphero R2:
Sphero BB-9E:
Large BB-8:
Large R2:
LittleBits Droid Inventor:

Facebook Page:

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  1. That bb8 is a ripoff of hero droid by spinmaster. I own the spinmaster which is incredible tech although I think you should be getting royalties as you laid out the plans in your own builds of the robot. That one you unboxed must be the one I see from china for $99.

  2. there is man please I tell you as a challenge in addition to the animaltronics of five nights in fedy's and beras how many subs are you going to get please

  3. +James Burton Thanks for uploading James, I am going to get the sphero r2d2 for Christmas. Have a great day James and may the force be with you

  4. Do any of the BB8 toys move like he does in the movie? His head moves first in the direction he's going in, then he rolls with his head looking at the floor in the direction he's going in, whereas in the toys here it's the other way round, with the head lagging behind and looking at the ceiling.

  5. that small r2 unit is about £150 plus on ebay right now and with xmas very near those prices will only go up, but what do you get for your money, a unit that is like a remote control car that makes noice combined with an app that is required to make it work, what can it do without the app, how a video showing what these things can do with using an app to control them.

  6. There were some nice toys…especially those first two R2-D2s – the small one was pretty neat and lifelike and the droid builder seemed to be a quite fun way for children to learn how stuff works.
    Your droids are still better though:)


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