Streamers Biggest Wins – #6 / 2020


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The biggest slot wins on stream for week 6 of 2020. Including wins by casino streamers between the 3rd and 9th of Februari 2020.

Featured streamers:
00:05 – @Huneasd – Twitch Casino Streamer – Riders of The Storm
02:55 – @MajorSlots – Jammin’ Jars
04:17 – ShaneTSGTV – Lil’ Devil
07:29 – Gamble_gangsta – Minotaurus
08:41 – Slots4Fun 777 – Reactoonz
09:35 – @Jack’s Gambling Channel – Jammin’ Jars
13:44 – @David Labowsky – Casino Streamer – Primal Megaways
15:55 – @LetsGiveItASpin – Casino Streamer – Dream Catcher



  1. Zeelazyman is sponsored and on a salary it is not his own money, he's jumped from 40-60c to $5 bets. If you think this is real you need your head examined. boycott this fraud.

  2. To all you legit dutch streamers which i doubt exist. Make sure you pay the taxes over your winnings or you will be digging your own grave. Don't think you can fool the dutch state it will come 1 day and then your royaly fucked! That is 1 of the reasons i think this is all a facade, it is not sustainable for dutch players as whatever you win gets taxed and since there streaming and publishing stuff online it can all be proven by the goverment. What a shock would it be if the goverment all the sudden asked for the tax that still need to be payed over last 5 years winnings! They don't care if you lost it all again. Withdraw in small amounts or invest in bit coins. If you withdraw multiple 10k amounts then bells will go off in the system nd you will be flagged for inspection.

  3. Me doing 600+over spins without a bonus. Streamers: Hold my beer. Me actually playing slots for 11 years:… Streamers: I've been waiting for this SO long

  4. This guys in 9:32 needs to take a brake from slots and propably seek medical help.
    No person good in mind would have won 15k and had that reaction

  5. That fuckin lebowski fake reaction is insane..everybody know he s playin with fake money.. everbody in the Casino Business and in Malta knows that

  6. Wow the hate is strong in the viewers this week am thinking a lot of you dead beats blew ya dole money and blame these guys for making a living out of playing slots why watch and hate its such a waste of your own lives I for one hate manu so guess what I don't watch any of there games I dont log online watch the hole game then slag I let there own fans do that lol it's time to stop the hate am sick off seeing hate on these kinda vids I am always happy to see a huge win nice to see the casino lose for once so lets pack this fake or actors shit in so sad to read same shit every week

  7. Oh my f**King God????How many times????…. how disrespectful to slot playing and gambling not to mention most people!!! I hope YouTube bands you for such disgusting language for a casino gaming gambling video. It is so sad and stupid that most of these dummies have nothing better to say when they get a big win? When normal speaking people here that kind of talk it turns them away. And really it's on you for putting these videos up for anyone to hear. You should ban those kind of words and tell anyone that they will not get on if they use terrible talk like that. You had better watch out because Youtube does not need your bussiness and they may take a stand and bar all casino streamers. Because of the foul language associated with casinos and gambling.

  8. daskelelelelelelele is the only streamers i know that moans when he gets 1000Xplus hits 😂😂😂🙈🙈🙈 still love u tho jack x

  9. Alan carr wins 15k, most peoples yearly salary and looks like someones killed his dog, no ones buying that bull shit😂

  10. Great Video !. Always wonder if the Gambling sites reward streamers so that people on youtube can watch it and attract more players


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