Supreme Chenille Hooded Sweatshirt – Close Up and Sizing Fit


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I bought a Large Supreme Chenille hooded Sweatshirt from StockX. I actually don’t mind the baggy feel and it’s great for my long arms. I think the medium would have been a better fit on the body but the baggy top with a pair of skinny legs is more the look I was going for.

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  1. Hi there, i'm planning on getting the supreme northface hoodie collab dropping tomorrow, I'm 6 foot and 98kg, on the larger size lol. Do you recommend i get large or Xtra large? I would rather the fir be slightly tighter than too baggy. although if you think XL would be the best bet please let me know ASAP. P.s. the vid was v helpful

  2. Hi, i bought the same hoodie same size and we got the same body type but the item I bought is too small for me. Usually median is my size but i think the size of supreme hoodie is getting smaller


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