Tall Girl | Official Trailer | Netflix


Jodi, the tallest girl in her high school, has always felt uncomfortable in her own skin. But after years of slouching, being made fun of, and avoiding attention at all costs, Jodi finally decides to find the confidence to stand tall.
Tall Girl arrives on Netflix September 13!

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Tall Girl | Official Trailer | Netflix

After years of slouching through life, 6-foot-1 teen Jodi resolves to conquer her insecurities and gets caught up in a high school love triangle.

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  1. I saw this with my girlfriend
    We both loved it
    But yes I understand the concept is stupid
    The execution made up for it

  2. I am tall 6 feet except a few remarks about weather and getting stuff for people on upper shelves it wasn't that over the top. Seems like this girl is made too shallow. Why she doesn't do any sports. No i am not talking about basketball.

    They could have done better. There are many issues in the world that concerned me more that my height.

  3. “You think your life is hard? Try being tall. I wear size 13 Nikes. MEN’s size 13 Nikes.”

    Ma’am this is a McDonald’s drive thru-

  4. I'm 6'2 and a left handed girl……i love myself and my life and i dont give a damn to anyone who thinks whatever about me!!

  5. tall girls wanna be short and short wanna be tall sometimes….life will not give you what you want so you have accept it and love yourself the way you are
    ps: i am 4'9

  6. This isn’t valid. People saying “how’s the weather up there” isn’t just a “tall girl” thing, every dude over 6ft gets the same sh*t. Get over it.

  7. Funny how they always show it being the female who’s the one scorned… but when the trailer clearly shows the short dude having no chance at all because the giant girl isn’t interested due to his diminutive size. Yet we’re supposed to feel bad for Queen Kong Goofy


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