The Cold Blue (2019) | Official Trailer | HBO


Directed by Erik Nelson and featuring newly restored footage shot by Oscar-winning director William Wyler, The Cold Blue is a meditation on youth, war and trauma, and a tribute to one of the world’s great filmmakers and the men of the Eighth Air Force.
The Cold Blue premieres June 6 at 8 PM.


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The Cold Blue (2019) | Official Trailer | HBO


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  1. Churchill said: "We fight for freedom" … Roosevelt said: "We fight for western civilization" … Everyone lied. They lied with how many teeth they had in their mouths, not innocently or because they believed what they said and proclaimed, but deliberately and coldly, knowing perfectly well – or guessing, which was not difficult – that they were preparing the most hideous catastrophe in Europe.

  2. To the terrorist bombings against the civilian populations of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Dresden, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Freiburg, Cologne or Berlin, actions that can only be considered in the category of the most execrable war crimes, were added hundreds of others equally infamous carried out by the allies, Americans, English and Russians, together or in turn. What about German women who were raped thirty, forty, fifty times and then abandoned to die of hemorrhages and the cold? What about children and babies crucified on doors or hanged on trees? What fault could these innocent poor people have? What, finally, about the tortures, murders and atrocities of all kinds perpetrated against hundreds of thousands of men, women and children?Despite the iconography unleashed by democratic pseudo-historians and popularized by Hollywood film makers, the military effects of subversive action were negligible.

  3. can you share this one for us in th Philippines. This film is restricted in our country why? and where is the mighty Eight?

  4. I have watched this on HBO couple days ago. High quality and well documented. I probably will receive some hate mail but I am going to tell you's that a grade 3 teacher punished me for speaking about W.W. 2. In 1955 my Uncle attended the World Youth Festival. It was held in Warsaw Poland. When he returned he had a story. It was about the tragic events that occurred of W.W.2.. What did know about W.W. 2? Very little. Did my parents have any knowledge of the tragic events that occurred during W.W. 2? Very little. My Uncle visited the notorious Concentration Camp named Auschwitz. Well while my Uncle spoke about Auschwitz I actually was sick. I asked myself how humans could murder others in cold blood. The next morning I went to school I spoke about W.W. 2 to some of my school mates. Guess what? The girl who sat in front of me reported me to my teacher. The crap hit the fan. At the end of the day I was the last student to have left the school. My teacher made it very clear that W.W.2 never happened. She was going to have my Uncle and my parents arrested for spreading propaganda. Oh yes I was confined to a 40 by 10 play spot. I was segregated from the other kids in class. I was not to intermingle with any of the kids in my class. I had to walk to and from school. In November 1955 the bus driver actually threw me off the bus. He had a letter from my teacher that I was not to be permitted to be on that bus for the year. I later learned the girl who reported me her mother had a petition to have me expelled and have me banned for attending that school. Five years later that girl's mother confronted me and actually berated me and told how lucky I never was ever expelled from that school. This girls mother told me that W.W. 2 NEVER OCCURRED AND IT WAS ALL PROPAGANDA. This girls father who served in the Canadian military he told me the war was nothing to talk about. In November of 1955 the school had 2 males and 1 female Veterans who were selling poppies. I wanted tell this one veteran that my teacher had claimed that W.W.2 was propaganda. This guy told me to beat it and not bother him. Not one kid from my class stood up to confronted that teacher. Each day there used to be 6-7 kids who chased me and beat the the hell out of me. Why? I was a liar and spreading propaganda. Oh yes this happened. What really hurt is my parents did nothing. I should let this go. How could anyone actually let something like that go? I can't. I often think whether W.W. 2 ever happen? I just had to write to inform others that there were many out there who were deniers or were ordered to deny that W.W.2 ever happened. Sad.

  5. So they scrached the HBO miniseries and used the material to make a documentary. Well Better than nothing but I was hoping for series of scale like Band of brother or Pacific.

  6. Best Documentary on the Bombers over Germany to date. All restored footage with an awesome bonus at the end….actual interviews with living crew members! A must see Film! Great work by Erik Nelson!

  7. This was awesome to see. I was actually in Dayton when they revealed the Belle, and actually got to go to the private screening that night where I got to talk to Catherine Wyler. It was by far the most amazing experience I've ever had.

  8. my father is the airman receiving a transfusion 103 seconds into the trailer Oscar Woodrow Krigbaum 1914 – 1995 his aircraft was "the eager beaver"

  9. The Damned thing was huge, and as slow as a snail. Hell, the Germans had a field day, what was
    It 50% casualties. A death sentence. If you were shot down
    And lived, there wasn't no place
    To hide, a small town every three
    Or four klinks. And farmers fields
    In between.

  10. Let's honor all these brave young men by stopping all your idiotic wars, America. Peace. Love. Thats all that matters.

  11. For the past two years, my daughter has been the carer for a former Lancaster bomber turret gunner. He died last week aged 94. He suffered from dementia, and while couldn't remember what happened ten minutes ago, his memories of flying on bombing runs over Germany were as vivid as if they'd happened only yesterday. God Rest His Soul, and those of all those courageous, humble young men of the RAF and USAAF bomber crews of the Second World War. Well done HBO.


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