The Harsh Social Impact of the Shallon Lester Drama


What is this whole drama really about? Gender? Psychological Abuse?

00:00 – What Shallon Lester did & her defenders
02:09 – Man vs Women? Gender War & Group Think
05:00 – How both Genders can Abuse.
06:00 – PUAs, Incels & Manosphere vs Shallon & “Female” Content
07:00 – Cancel Culture & Double Standards

09:10 – I’m not only defending Men
11:00 – Deflecting the argument. (Lemons vs Oranges)
13:15- The Divide between Male & Female
17:00 – “Stay in your lane” + Racism
19:26 – My Direct Experience with Manipulation

21:27 – Celebrity Gossip isn’t the Problem
23:00 – If a young girl takes Shallon’s Advice
26:47 – Imagine if your Son or Daughter met Shallon.
29:00 – Why her past action’s still matter
30:48 – My Experience with Bullies & Abuse.

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  1. Man,you opened my eyes. Yes. I was bullied, but here is danger to become the same person as they are.

  2. THIS. NEEDS. TO. BLOW. UP.! You shared a lot of points other people are skimming over. Too many people are focusing on the Selena gossip, and not enough are looking at her manipulation and predatory actions. Very good video my dude!

  3. We are in a narcissistic abusive relationship with our governments:

    A) At first you don’t know it’s abuse; it just leaves an uneasy, sickly feeling in your gut but you have no idea why.

    B) The abuser isolates you, keeps you separated from family, friends and support, making you reliant on only them.

    C) It gradually becomes obvious that it’s abuse, and you start researching and finding others going through exactly the same thing and find the abuse has a name.

    D) We discover the abusers all share the same tactics, and say the same sentences to gaslight us and keep all of our attention on them and only them.

    E) We then become obsessed with researching it, to prove it is actually abuse and we’re not just being ‘too sensitive’ like we’re told.

    F) We remain in the research process for months or years, learning, gaining valuable knowledge about our past and how it is creating more of the same indefinitely.

    G) We become trapped in the research phase because we are too afraid to grow some balls and face the unknown and remove ourselves from the situation entirely, go no contact and stand on our own two feet. In some cases for the first time ever.

    H) We become frustrated and angry with the abuser. ‘If we only give them more love and do more for them; they will surely stop abusing us and we won’t have to take responsibility and leave.’ We develop Stockholm Syndrome.

    I) We make a temporary stand and leave, we speak out, we warn others, but no one else believes you, the abuser says ‘it was just a joke, you’re too sensitive!’

    We are called crazy for talking about it and often called the abusers ourselves. We try to remain strong and stand our ground but are surrounded by flying monkeys, trying to convince us to forgive the abuser and give them another chance. We are told we are being unreasonable.

    J) We go back to the abuser. The cycle continues…

    K) We eventually, (usually when we’ve reached rock bottom and have nothing left to give) months or years down the line, go no contact. We block their number. We remove their stranglehold. We cut contact with the abuser’s helpers who work on their behalf….

    L) L for Love. We learn to love ourselves again and live our lives in peace and freedom. But continue to work on ourselves so that we can recognise and reject the insidious behaviour when it tries to cross our path again.

    We have some of the population at section A (and aid the abusers by gaslighting on their behalf) and many of the rest are stuck in section G; at best.

    We no longer have time to be stuck in section G.

  4. I don’t know who tf Shallon is but abused is abused no matter the gender. As a woman, I honestly hate how people especially women dont act like women cant be abusive. They think that only men can be abusive.And if they do know, they applaud. But if it was a guy its negative bs. Abuse is bs full bs for anyone to do or go through. Why cant people realize its a negative behavior for anyone?

  5. I am so happy you included the hypothetical near the end about what young girls might do with her advice- anyone, of any gender, has the potential to be an abuser. We should be teaching everyone, of every gender, how to identify these traits and behaviors- not how to weaponize them.

  6. humans are already pathetic to begin with throughout the course of history, they just evolve and keep getting in touch with the 'now'. we're all mere soldiers trudging past the obstacles, with only our head and heart as our weapons. Thank you Pierre, for being one of those shedding light when things go in a haze. your videos made me think a lot and I am really grateful that I came across them.

  7. I hope for the sake for whoever watches her and follows her, she does have those people still, she does the right thing.

  8. Hey man, a couple of things
    1) I suffered that particular 'feminine abuse' from my male significant other for 5 years. He used those insecurities and aspirations and destroyed me mentally. It wasn't easy recognise because abuse is always 'hitting' in the general conversation. I would be interested to see the levels of abuse on both sides like this.

    2) I don't think the voice clip (or at least the one I heard) entirely exonerates Depp. It was a cut in conversation not the whole thing, and I can see it be manipulated to be grabbed. My ex-was in my face screaming at me about how I had "cheated on him" (I went to lunch with my childhood friend) after about an hour of him being in my face screaming that I was a slut I shoved him away from me. He used to force his way into our room and would put his fingers in the door so I accidentally closed it when trying to close it so he couldn't get in and keep screaming at me. He once threatened to commit suicide and started swallowing panadol I had to crash tackle him to stop him and make him spit what he took out. Every time I was the "physically abusive one" and he would make me apologise and say what a shitty human I am. I can hear some of that manipulation in the way Depp is speaking. I could be just projecting but I still don't think the jury is out just yet.

    I agree though I have worked with really shitty manipulative abusive women who have come from past trauma. I really have to check myself so I don't use the behaviours I learned in that relationship now.

  9. I am a woman and I am absolutely disgusted with what she said. Soon as I knew about justin selena thing I unsubscribed. Also, I only knew about evil week from you as I wasn t following her for long. It is really crazy!! N she shd be stopped!

  10. You are right with everything, especially at the end. They even blame you for the abuse that you receive. For ex: if you had done it this way we wouldn't have fought. After they abuse you, they even ask: why are you taking this so personally?
    I'm starting to think most people are dumb.

  11. As a woman, I find that people are so excusing of hypocrisy is disgusting. A woman can abuse a man and the man is much less likely to report his abuse because it is KNOWN he is less likely to be believed. An adult woman who is beautiful can express sexual attraction towards a minor and it is laughed at and jokes can be made about it but if a man did the same, people would be repulsed. How hypocritical. I found out about Shallon FROM that video and I was disgusted. Such manipulative behaviors are gross and show that you don’t love your SO, it shows that you are a narcissist who only looks at people as what they are good for you. She is a user and abuser and should not have her advise taken.

  12. Honestly. What do we expect from society, that thinks it is perfectly ok to throw people in front of the camera and let them have important intimate conversation for public amusement?

  13. If this was bill cosby people would see what she saying differently if he was giving this advice and putting it as saying how to manipulate women people would get the point no matter how much sense he made about whatever the fuck he was talking about even if it was pound cake

  14. ‘Whataboutism’ is the WORST and most frustrating form of argument, if you can even call it that. It’s good you’re sharing your opinions and perspectives on this, because it is an issue which is difficult to broach without it spiraling into a ‘he said, she said’ and I think you managed to keep the argument focussed and on point while still sharing your own experiences relating to it. I’d be appalled if Lester’s very toxic and myopic take on life held any clout – I didn’t even know who she was until about a week ago. I think I stumbled across her videos about 24 hours before D’Angelo Wallace’s first video, and for every entertaining or interesting point made in her videos, there’s another four that are just garbage.

  15. I count on two hands the number of people who have abused me: 2 men, 4 women – all known to me, primarily in the family, one woman at work. This war against men is a smoke screen to allow women to continue to abuse without consequence.

  16. I agree Shallon's advice is bad and harmful, and yes women are abusive as well. I condamn her view of men as a whole and yes she should be called out as much as pick-up artists.

    However saying that there is not a gender factor in abuse in our society: it's wrong. The point you made on Me Too doesn't take into account the fact that women who spoke out ALSO lost their job and got their reputation trashed just for being a victim. You talk about the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard situation but Johnny Depp still had roles, brand endorsements afterwards. Meanwhile before any evidence against her, Amber Heard got insulted by everybody just as much and you don't see her working at all anymore. Women are expected to make men's life easier and honestly except for feminists they get called out and called crazy all the time. So sure both genders are abusive but men get excused most of times.

  17. And yeah, you don't ask for too much to want to live in a harmonious, peaceful world. Stay strong, stay fair and positive, because having people like you around gives a lot of us hope and inspiration.

  18. I've found myself watching less and less of YT channels, including Shallon's. While some of it was entertaining for a while, your channel was recommended and I'm so thankful to have found it. Your insight is refreshing to hear, thank you for making thoughtful content.

  19. Love your stuff, Pierre. You are an absolute tonic of intelligent, empathic justice and sanity in these dangerous times. As an aside, I really like the format of the no-distraction background so we can purely focus on your observations and arguments, which are perfect and supremely engaging in themselves sans props or distraction (your props are well-handled and your style is fabulous, but your heart and mind are your most exquisite aspects).
    Loving your University, Professor Pierre 🙂

  20. Hi. I'm kind of a new person here on your channel and I don't usually comment on videos I watch. I've been watching you for a few days now. I just wanted to say that your videos gave me more space and important matters to think about than any other channel/person on this platform. I really appreciate that you're not afraid to speak up about these kind of things. By spreading awerness about abuse, bullying and other serious topics you gave me and a lot of other people the chance of making the world we live in a better place. I just wanted to thank you for all the effort you are putting in you videos. You became one of my favourite people to watch in a really short time. Please continue doing what you're doing. Sending love and positive energy to everybody who sees this comment ♥

  21. You know what they say….hurt people hurt people. Cycles of terrible behavior only end when people choose to make moral decisions for themselves.

    Reluctantly must watch creep week now.


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