THE MUSTANG Trailer NEW (2019) – Matthias Schoenaerts Horse Training Drama


THE MUSTANG – Official Trailer [HD]
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starring Matthias Schoenaerts, Jason Mitchell, Bruce Dern
In Theaters March 2019

Roman (Matthias Schoenaerts), a convict in a prison in rural Nevada, participates in a rehabilitation program in which he trains wild mustangs. He struggles to connect with the horses and his fellow inmates alike. But in time, working alongside young convict Henry (Jason Mitchell) and an old trainer Myles (Bruce Dern), Roman soothes an especially feisty horse and confronts his own violent past.

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  1. Remarkable a poor quality movie.  Extremely flippant, shallow and superficial.  More about the low life violent, drug loving scumbags in our prison system than it is about the horrific fate of a large percent of wild mustangs. I am convinced that people are just unable to think independently anymore. you are all a bunch of robotic snowflakes. I just love the comment at the beginning of the film indicating that wild mustangs are being rounded up because of "privatization" of public lands, (no it is because ranchers are demanding total use of public land and ranchers are a strong LOBBYIST group). And second that wild mustangs are being rounded up, trained and sent to auctions…but many are "euthanized".  That is an absolute lie….if they are not adopted after 3 auction (called a 3 striker) they go to KILL AUCTIONS WHERE MEAT BUYERS BID ON THEM AT A PRICE PER POUND. THEY ARE SHIPPED TO CANADA AND MEXICO WERE THEY ARE BUTCHERED I,E, SLAUGHTER NOT EUTHANIZED.  Redford sugar coated the facts and this movie has causes more harm to the safety of Americans wild horses.  BTW…the chases are with low flying helicopters and the young, old and sick get trampled, break limbs and die where they fall.  This movie is a crock of shit.


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