TOP BIGBANG Ideal Type update 2017


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  1. Hmmp doesnt drink alcohol hmmp.e di wala n tlgang pag asa lol..Anyway kahit sino pa magiging kabiyak mo Top susuportahan kta.

  2. Oh boy u don't want a girl that laugh open heartedly….. coz once a girl started to laugh open heartedly it could break your eardrum 😂😂😂😂

  3. "Doesn't hold a grudge."
    Me:*flashback* To that friend that kicked my sand castle 10+ years ago and who I haven't talked to since cos I said,"I'm never talking to you again."
    Technically that was a promise and I always keep my promises. That's good right? No? Okay I'm out.

  4. Well that was… Specific.
    Honesty, I'm not hating on him (because I love him) but I hate this question… More so cause I hate the answers given. I get it… All men are the same and want to marry their mother who is trapped in body of Scarlet Johansson.
    Naturally beautiful, but takes care of herself.
    Translation: does all those salon-ey things that make her "naturally beautiful"
    Sexy and Cute.
    Translation: I have a Madonna-Whore complex.
    Independent but takes care of me.
    Translation: she's ok when I run about and don't come home on time, but somehow she's magically always home to provide dinner and comfort.

    Good luck finding your unicorn, lol!

  5. Hahahahhahaha same like kim yoo jung…it doesnt matter of age important is you love that person..I like you both again in drama or movie

  6. Wow I never know top will be this like this NICE!!#"I don't like a girl who drink (Alcohol)"# I really like the comment 😍😍😘🤗👌✌️👍👍

  7. Oh crap! I don't qualify either as I am too fat and old! Sigh…oh well! I can still drool over his pictures at night and have fantasy dreams! Mmmmmmmmm oh yes,,yes! Oh TOP! no, no! Oh yes, yes, yes…right there! YESSSSSSSSS! TOP! Ha ha ha ha! hee, hee, hee! Kidding! Sorry! Being Bad! D:) Smiley! Hey TOP are you OK? How's the military? Are you still in it? What's going on over there in N.Korea? I think you better get out of S. Korea go on vacation with your family and friends to Cancun Mexico! I think it would be a lot safer there! I hope you are doing okay! I started to worry about you, when I heard the news of the missile strikes and tensions heating up with NK and USA? I started wondering…Where is TOP! I'm sorry! But I am always concerned for you! And want the best for you! I do hope you are safe and happy wherever you are? Please send out an update to let all your fans (like me!) know you are okay and doing fine! LOVE AND PEACE! D:) Smiley!

  8. Oh shoot I don't qualify for T.O.P's ideal type, because I am not sexy ooohh but I am innocent looking😂😂😂


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