Two Guys One Ghost! (Dude Run!) Alien Sighting Grass Valley California


These two fools were scared shitless this morning, after a mysterious being swept by them as they were getting ready for work. Grass Valley has been known for it’s paranormal activity, but it seems that near the airport, there is more activity than anywhere else. Please leave your comments below.



  1. Here's a little hint if you are trying to make a fake ghost video. don't put both the actors in front of the camera at the start and call a guy (most likely with you guys) jumping a fence from inside a house a 'ghost'. Then you guys tried to pull of the old "we have a shaky bad camera, look at this guy who is conveniently out of focus" thing. most importantly though, dont try and make the camera look shaky and old when the ending showed the camera working fine with no distortion.


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