United Nations, LGBT Rights, and a New World


This message is for the Righteous Remnant from all quarters of the Judeo-Christian sphere who perceive their Biblical foundations are under attack from forces hostile to a Bible-based lifestyle. This attack has recently taken on a great intensity, since the United Nations push for LGBT human rights has been taken up by some 85 nations, with still more to sign on. In the United States the Obama administration has been a prime mover in the United Nations gay / LGBT push, even lighting up the White House in the colors of the gay / LGBT flag, and flying that flag at US embassies abroad. Even more alarmingly, the Supreme Court has gotten onboard with the UN campaign, with its recent ruling making what is termed same-sex marriage, whether between lesbian women or gay men, the law of the land in all fifty states. The four dissenting justices in that case each sounded an alarm. Perhaps the most foreboding for us was Justice Alito’s prediction that those holding the “old beliefs” will now be “labeled as bigots” and will therefore “be treated as such” by “governments, employers and schools.” This is even more perplexing, since Chief Justice Roberts stated the ruling is not based on the Constitution. Certainly, these warnings raise many questions, not the least of which is: “what is really going on?” Also, “how do the Scriptures shed light on this?” And finally, “is such a big change as this foretold in Bible prophecy?” You may even wonder if the Bethlehem Star that recently appeared after 2000 years is related to all of this in some way. If you want answers to those questions, you need to watch this video. When you find that it clears up questions for you, please share it with other believers.

Thank you.

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  1. thank you so much for this information Brother Eliyaho ,may God Bless Us Christians. Im so glad i stumbled upon you, very interested in learning more. Do you have your own youtube channel, How can I sign up for your congregation please let me know also do you do Bible studies?

  2. This was amazing – as Bryan said "jaw dropping" because the true meaning of this "law" and event.
    The shofar is blowing! Awake Sleepers! Arise dead bones! Take to the walls Watchmen!
    The "evil day" is upon us!
    As Kiki prayed "may we love Him and one another unswervingly"
    We must keep our eyes on HIM and HE will lead us and is even now leading us, to HIS safe place.

  3. I seen this star of Bethlehem and what an awesome reminder that our Messiah will be returning very soon. The fifth seal has been opened! Thank you for the timely message Eliyahu.

  4. Thank you for this timely message Eliyahu! I wasn't aware of the LGBT connection with the United Nations. Amazing! Sharing this on my Facebook.

  5. Thank you Brother Eliyahu and the Tsiyon Team for this important video. It helps us to remember why the Bible tells us to always be alert and praying. Seeing how events from the past 70 years has led to the birth of the New World order is shocking and mind blowing. Nevertheless, thanks for reminding us all that we have nothing to fear if we keep our eyes on Y'shua. We have so many promises that we can be assured of if we just faithfully endure to the end. Come what may, HE is worth the allegiance of our very lives. May we love Him and one another unswervingly. Shalom.

  6. Jaw dropping…..Amazing…..this is a very important time in the lives of belivers. Keep them coming Eliyahu. We so desparetly need this.

  7. Eliyahu's message stands as a testimony of warning to America and the remnant people of ancient Israel scattered among the nations.


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