Unprecedented 5 Women's Matches on RAW! | WWE RAW & SmackDown Week of Apr 17th, 2020 Review


From Promo of the Year from Sonya Deville to Unprecedented 5 women’s matches on WWE Raw, pandemic is hitting the world hard and women are stepping up their game to dominate WWE programming. With the very special guest, Effy, we discuss all the matches and promos from SmackDown and Raw where we saw great story building, shocks and twists, and tons of talent.

Huge thanks to Effy for joining Ring the Belle this week to discuss everything on WWE and an update from his highly anticipated Effy’s Gay Brunch originally scheduled during WrestleMania weekend. And also big thank you to Phil from Bell to Bells for filling in the last minute for two matches we missed.

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0:48 Updates on Effy’s Gay Brunch with Cameron’s Scheduled Return
10:02 Effy and Eye Candy Elliott

1:45 WWE SmackDown
1:50 Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose Segment
5:37 Sasha Banks vs Tamina
11:10 Dana Brooke vs Naomi

14:48 WWE RAW
15:03 Shayna Baszler vs Indi Hartwell
18:48 Kairi Sane vs Nia Jax
21:36 Liv Morgan vs Ruby Riott
26:00 Charlotte Flair vs Kayden Carter
28:40 Bianca Belair vs Santana Garrett
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
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  1. Tamina was getting a push BEFORE that doc…. She’s a Vet who deserves and earned a push ANYWAY… and hasn’t gotten a push since Layla/ Kaitlyn was Divas Champ… thought you guys elevated women’s wrestling but imo it’s been reads and tearing them down for what … “laughs”? Disappointing

  2. Are we just going to ignore that Nia botched spot? Poor bloody Kairi.
    Nia throws shade about someone injuring Alexa too much, then less than a week later she's botching?
    and Nia retweeting it? Classless.

    Love Liv and Ruby's match though. Hope that Liv gets pushed a bit more and Ruby gets pushed but on Smackdown

  3. I love how this channel is suppose to be about uplifting women’s wrestlers and loving the sport and then y’all have ole dude putting down Tamina and you just laugh.

  4. Really surprised you didn’t talk about Nia throwing Kari into the corner with that buckle bomb and how much backlash she got for that

  5. When Sonya said for years I came out to your entrance music & my face was blurred out during the entrance you could feel that

  6. I always enjoy Paloma and Phil's perspectives; Effy was great too! And of course, DS is perfect as the host. Keep up the amazing content guys!

  7. The Dream Match Everybody Is Talking About Is Becky Lynch Vs. Bianca Belair Would Like To See It But The Thing Is I Don't Want BiancaTo Lose Tho But 10 Out Of 10 Show Again.!!!

  8. I'm really glad there was some real, frank talk about Tamina. I think she's probably hugely liked and respected backstage by the other women, and everything DS, Effy, and Paloma said about that is spot on. But facts are facts, and Tamina is not a good wrestler. Years of injuries, particularly to her knees, have led to her being out of shape and unable to bump or move around the ring to the level that the other women are at. Last year she was in some singles and tag matches where she was botching left and right and nearly hurt other performers, including Ember Moon.

    I think it's time for her to transition to an out of ring role like a producer or find something else to do – she should not be performing in the ring anymore.


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