What $50 of Groceries Looks Like in Vietnam | charlycheer


Here are $50 worth of groceries from Big C Hanoi, Vietnam.

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  1. Definitely fresher looking good than what we get in Supermarkets here in Australia. We buy fresh food here and it's off in a few days. So same price but definitely worth it

  2. Amazing. What is the name of the city you went to tour on the motorbikes? heading out there in a week! would love to check it out.

  3. I can relate to you so much in terms of the annoyance of having to weigh produce before getting to the counter at supermarkets in Vietnam. I go to Big C often too but Mega Market is much bigger and has a lot of vegan options which I like 🙂

  4. I found the grocery stores to be a little on the high side even for Vietnam. The neighborhood markets were closer, you could haggle on prices and they had even more stuff if you were willing to do the walking looking for the market stall with it. Like one time my wife and I were looking fo those clear envelopes that would protect your documents from rain and none of the grocery stores like COOP Mart or that other big chain in Saigon had them, eventually my cousin found them at a little office supply store in q8. Fresh peaches from Sapa should still be in season in Vietnam and better tasting than the canned variety.

  5. This is interesting. Thank you for sharing. I love watching grocery hauls. In college, I tend to eat out more since I can`t be bothered to cook for myself, but I do usually make my own breakfast, sometimes dinner too. Much love and take care.

  6. I need to move there. California is so expensive I’m dying lol I don’t know how to earn money abroad though ☹️ (p.s thanks for the vids. I’ve been watching since either your interrupted almost China video or perhaps Mexico? Can’t remember. Fellow Poly, Bi, Cali girl here lol )

  7. Those Vegetables is looking delicious. I know you can make a real good soup with that. The price is not bad

  8. Where did you go? I've been to vinmart but can't find all this stuff in one. Was it a big c? Which location?

  9. if you go to the street market, those fruits, veggies, and tofu probably cost half price and fresh from the farm. That whole thing would cost ~20 dollars. Thank you, Charly. Great post. Take care, Charly.

  10. Hi Charly. What happened with your friend, the woman you took a pic w on your motor bike? Nice vid. I loved the food the hosts made for you all and the ethnic clothing they wore.

  11. I NEED to visit Hanoi….like a long term visit. I'm shocked at how inexpensive this fresh produce is….it's probably all grown locally though for the most part. Looking forward to more!

  12. It is pretty cheap to eat healthy out there. Here stateside, I get the same stuff and each week, I'm consistently spending 100 to 150. I need to move there lol

  13. The fruit and vegetables seem low priced but the other items seem higher than stateside. Was this store equivalent to a Whole Foods?

  14. “It’s a foodie kind of day”…. all these uploads this week been so good!!!! I had missed your videos 💙

  15. Charly, great video! Its really interesting because it seems experience speaking Vietnamese gives you an accent on certain words in english! Really neat phenomenon!

  16. Great video. I can not believe the prices of produce is so low in comparisons to the US. QQ – why are apples so expensive there?


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