What about Warcraft 4?


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Today, we’ll be taking a look at one of the biggest names in real-time strategy – Warcraft.

We already took a detailed look at the Warcraft franchise in our “Evolution of Warcraft” video; after realizing that Warcraft went from strategy to MMO to card game, we were left wondering whether to expect a return to the roots someday? Will we ever get to see a Warcraft 4? In case we do, we have a modest wishlist for it…

Narrator: Steve Petitt
Writer: Miodrag Kovachevic
Director: Ailert Riemersma

#gvmers #warcraft #blizzard

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  1. There will only be one race, but 72 genders. One common enemy: straight white males. Wokecraft incoming. Vomit!

  2. Dont make a Warcraft 4!! Warcraft 3 is perfect and cant be "made better". Whatever is perfect can only be screwed up …

  3. No wow shit. Just continue right after warcraft 3. Much much much better graphics. Some quality of life improvements. A few new campaigns for each faction. Maybe a new faction.

  4. well considering what's happening now with blizzard (or should i activation blizzard) I highly doubt we'll get it the way many of us wanted.

  5. "We're sure Blizzard will release a worthy fourth game".
    I wonder what GVMERS think now with the clusterfuck that is the Warcraft 3 remaster? 😛

  6. If they ever make Warcraft 4, i hope to god that they scrap ALL the wow lore and just continue the story from where warcraft 3 ended. Wow lore is an abomination and a clusterfuck.

  7. If it ever gets released. I 'd like some naval warfare like in warcraft 2 and to make oil useful to something else besides ships.

  8. An alle, die noch WC3 zocken oder sonst einfach noch am Zocken sind: Wir, das Elan Gaming Network suchen noch Mitspieler für paar WC3 Runden. Wir spielen aber auch andere Spiele wie Overwatch, LoL usw. Suchst du aber auch nur eine Gemeinschaft um zu reden oder den Abend ausklingen zu lassen, dann schau mal bei uns rein: https://discord.gg/MuJHJtS

  9. Please, release WC4 as an Android app with an in-game store which can provide us with a sense of pride and accomplishment. It will be much appreciated by the community. Thanks.

  10. They are so focused on the e-sports bullshit that I expect we will only get a warcraft 4 when the Starcraft 2 tit is fully dried up and necrotic. Activision only gives a fuck about money. We will be waiting a while.

  11. Warcraft 3/The Frozen Throne with the AMAI were just glorious for me and I still play them from time to time!

  12. Used to be just orcs and humans.

    Then it was orcs and trolls against humans and dwarves.

    Next it was elves and humans and trolls and orcs and undead and otherworldly things I cant remember anymore…


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