Who are you, really? The puzzle of personality | Brian Little


What makes you, you? Psychologists like to talk about our traits, or defined characteristics that make us who we are. But Brian Little is more interested in moments when we transcend those traits — sometimes because our culture demands it of us, and sometimes because we demand it of ourselves. Join Little as he dissects the surprising differences between introverts and extroverts and explains why your personality may be more malleable than you think.

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  1. I’m like to listen instead of speak. I wouldn’t say I am introverted nor extroverted. I like to have deep conversations and I like to have fun. What am I?

  2. putting labels on people in a way that they like it. telling by the way how many engagements they have to have.
    i did not like this talk and audience reaction. i will give it thumb down.
    have a nice headache.

  3. What!!! Last night at 3 AM I was just thinking about to write an article about introverts trying to be extroverts to fit in societies. Then I found this at 10 AM later. 🧐

  4. I'm Richard Cole
    Everybody is going to know my name
    Cork city Ireland 🇮🇪 prediction
    Is that in 2024 Ted Cruz is going to be the next president of USA 🇺🇸 in 2024 I'm going to be a Legend

  5. The downside of the human species is that it contains double logic in its Genome. Double logic is a corrupt form of logic. The presence of double logic in the human genome, affects human thought and evaluation processes.

  6. 5 categories?

    2 are fine: Extroverted vs Introverted.

    Hate when they create more than 2 categories.. not necessary..

  7. He was hilarious; although I don't agree with all his statements, especially about coffee. I am an introvert, sometimes to the extreme, but oh god do I need my coffee! I cannot work without it.

  8. As a fellow introvert I HATE when people talk to me in a bathroom. Sadly women love to do this, ugh feels so uncomfortable 🙁

  9. Touches on one of other most important concepts of introvert/extrovert qualities and mores that should be reiterated. One is not better than the other. Additionally, you can have qualities of both and still maintain your core characteristics without betraying who you are. For soooooo long extroverts were thought superior to introverts and I'm glad to see the playing field equaled now as it always should have been. You can't have any business, team, family, work model successfully operate without the inclusion of both types. Great stuff.

  10. Why anyone would get introvert are they scared of something or someone. Do not keep this in mind whatever u feel speak. And u can correct yourself better when u start getting opinions from others, then u can take decisions more open mindedly alone. So what u feel speak, because u felt that it's like that.

  11. this video made question: my ability to perceive various neurophysiological and sociogenic concepts.
    not sure if that's enough for you to know that I am not an extrovert (:

  12. I am enthusiastic, fascinating, touched, motivated and inspired – what a personality! Thank you for these minutes, I have really seldom listened so gladly… 🙏

  13. A healthy relationship is people with healthy brains and healthy minds but some
    People are total characters that are influenced by others to make others life a misery I feel.sorry for what people have put me througb…they have made a big mistake an embarrassing costly mistake

  14. Sounds like extraverts are better than introverts. I don't like being introvert. I hate it. I am scared of people especially extroverts. When they make jokes i turn all red and dont know what to say or i take it to seriously. People think im a buzz kill, boring, no fun, too serious, to complex, to exhausting. They don't invite me to parties because they want people that like eye contact and fysical contact and fun easy simple conversations and feeling close to eachother. I am so jealous of them. I want there social confidence and emotional stability. I want to know what it feels like to feel that closeness that openess. But every time i try the introvert in me takes over. And in 10 seconds i went from my day was fine thanks for asking to what is the meaning of life?

    People always say be yourself, if you are you you will be happy. But i am not happy. I dont want to be an introvert. I dont like that people dont follow what im talking about. I dont like that i feel uncomfortable by eye contact or intimidated. It feels like so much weaknesa. It feels like there is some place i am not allowed to go. There is something out there to experience that the universe doesn't allow me to see. I feel left out. I feel like i will never be able to experience life as an extrovert.

    And it's not the same when you train your extroversion as an introvert. It's not the same it's less good. I can not believe life is so unfair.

    There has never ever been a cool hot popular girl at a party with 500 friends having the time of their life drinking shots from eachothers belly thinking "omg im so jealous at that nerd from my class right now who has no friends wasn't invited to the party, has no social skills, is unpopular, and is alone in his dark room sitting in a corner softly crying how he will always be less social than extroverts, less talkative, less comfortable, less fun, less happy, less outgoing, etc.

    No one has ever said omg i wish i was that guy.


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