Why Alita: Battle Angel Has Such Big Eyes


Director Robert Rodriguez and producer Jon Landau explain to IGN Brazil the anime-styled design choices behind Alita: Battle Angel.

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Alita: Battle Angel – Live Action Trailer #1

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  1. What's the big deal with the eyes? It is NOT as significant as the STORY/Plot, character development, theme of the movie. People who are hung up with the eyes should just get over it otherwise be judged as superficial. Do you judge a book by it's cover?? Silly.

  2. It's not a bad choice. The real mistake, in my opinion, was not having continuity of design. Gestalt principles exist for a reason damn it! Not having all of the other characters look like anime characters breaks the cohesiveness of the film and pulls the audience out of the composition all together.

  3. …………ok, I get the fact that they try to make the eyes look anime/manga style. But you don't just do they eyes and let *EVERYONE* else look normal. I bet this movie can do a bit better if the eyes would look…..normal.

  4. I just love those eyes. Definitely a bold choice to make and most people are on the opposition…but I like it….looks expressive and soulful.

  5. It creeps me out. I won't watch this movie ever, because of this. I don't want to be sitting for two hours watching a character that gives me the creeps.

    I think psychologically we expect people with big eyes to be children. So the image sends out mixed messages. It's a bit paedo frankly. This has always been a bit of a problem with manga, so unwise to transfer this thinking into a more photo-real format.

  6. Fun fact: When this film gets released the eyes will still be complained about and the makers will react surprised by the back lash. "I did not know people would react this strongly to it. I don't understand the problem." Mean while you normal people reading this will know they were voicing these concerns from day day one online when stills and images were released and the movie was announced. They had time to know everyone was saying it is, "The uncanny valley effect." They had enough time to know and correct this issue. They are just acting dumb or just deciding to take a risk here and release it anyway to see what happens.

  7. Watched the trailer .. somehow I was 'creeped out (mildly shocked) again and again (whenever Alita popped into the scene) .. but the special effects were incorporated perfectly in my opinion, and I trust Cameron and Rodriguez to deliver another epic film that everybody will want to experience ..

  8. Big eyes have nothing to do with "windows to the soul" like the MALE director stated. Big have are associated with youth. Anime is youthful, Manga can be sexual. This is just another insidious manifestation of how today's society is normalizing the sexualisation of young girls. Putting a childish face on an developed teenage body is disturbing and wrong.. the brain of a man will forge neurological pathways where there should be none. Bad idea.


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