Why Blizzard Won't Release Warcraft 4


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Once upon a time, Blizzard Entertainment was a relatively small developer. Then Warcraft came and changed everything. Warcraft: Orcs & Humans was a smash hit for the company, and it was quickly followed by two successful sequels. All three games and their expansions are considered classics of the genre, and the obvious move would be to make a fourth game. But more than fifteen years after Warcraft 3, there’s still no new RTS game is in sight. Why? Here are all the reasons why Blizzard won’t release Warcraft 4…

Double team | 0:29
A new world | 1:20
Zerg rushed | 2:24
Gold mine collapse | 3:10
MOBA domination | 3:53
Can’t build there | 4:50
Missing heroes | 5:58
Still kicking | 6:41
A new path | 7:47

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  1. Blizzard doesn't do anything these days. They made games like Diablo and Warcraft with tiny teams and now they have an army, with billions at their disposal and all they do is remake games, complaining about how hard life is these days and how much they have on their plates atm. They would make billions more from an entirely new Warcraft, and it wouldn't take that much more effort than it did to create its predecessor. RTS games are much easier to create than something like a simple modern racing game.
    Someone just decided it was time to park off on their yacht and let the days meld into each other, while some uninspired children take care of maintaining WOW and the various Diablo reruns.

  2. so if blizzards "created", plenty of more online games (older the the blizzards "creations") where nothing but a copy-paste from the blizzards "creations"?

  3. I didn't really like Warcraft 3 that much. It was fun, but it didn't impress me as much as Warcraft 2. The story started getting confusing and watered down with new races. After WC3 I lost interest and everyone jumped to WOW. What else is left to make in the WOW universe?

  4. They could make a Serprate Timeline for Warcraft 4 so that they dont have to retcon The MMO Lore

  5. they saying we don't play Warcraft games. 7th legion kingdoms ands o on. cave/cage wars remake. somehow when wc 1 2 3 and 4 are out the needing 4th game then? it all about money licenses and SO ON. rain song in the back wc3 was fun in the END (the end) movie they made fun of prince litch king. his sword bound him to forever live and die for his friends and so on.

  6. This is on point, and adding to what you said about the learning curve, i think kids now have shorter attention spans, so they want a more casual game

  7. To be honest, WoW shouldn't exist. I like it if they continue the strategy game series for Warcraft like Warcraft 4, 5, 6, and more. Happy for Reforged but it's only remake, we need WC4 for crying out loud Blizzard. Stop making more of WoW and continue making WC4.

  8. they really should let someone else develop it, that loves the brand, the would sell many millions of it.

  9. Dicks play moba
    No lifes play mmorpgs (excluding the elder scrolls games)
    Veterans play fps
    Masters of quickness and intelligence play RTS

  10. fuck blizzard, it is just a game where they can copy 80% of the stuff from warcraft 3. Like starcraft 2, 80% of the units are the same as starcraft 1 and they need 20 years to make it? what a fucking joke of company

  11. Well they might be considering to make the Warcraft mobile cuz everyone does have phones and will be enjoying to play….

  12. Warcraft ends with warcraft 3 the frozen throne. I'd love a final with warcraft 4 but these idiots didn't make it in all these years. The story ends in that beautiful game…Wow is not a good sequel.

  13. "Strategy games make a long time to learn?" what a BS. Starcraft and other strategy are the easiest game to learn. It usually takes one minute.

  14. i just started playing warcraft 3 again. I re bought it last year. still as awesome as I remember it. I wish they had warcraft 4. I still love the RTS genre. I grew up with it in the late 90's and early 2000's during its hayday.

  15. I hope that Blizzard will release warcraft 4 soon.. And I also want the food limit removed for a real RTS EXPERIENCE!!!


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