WooCommerce: How To Remove Checkout Fields – Easy!


If you are using WooCommerce for digital products then you obviously do not need all of the checkout fields (billing details) that are on the checkout page by default.

Seeing as multiple people have contacted me to fix their websites after following various guides on “How to remove the WooCommerce checkout fields”, I have decided to write a post on how to safely but very easily do this.

The thing is, all of these guides advise you to directly modify your functions.php file which I am highly against.
If you are not familiar with coding and you cluelessly follow their instructions there is a high chance that you will break your website.

In this video I show you the safest and easiest way to remove the checkout fields from WooCommerce and if you do make a mistake you can very easily undo the changes, unlike if you were to modify functions.php directly.

How To Remove Checkout Fields Blog Post:

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  1. Hi Peter, is there a way to hide/disable the cart notices too? They are so anoying and i can't find a decent solution. Thanks!

  2. Question please Peter, is there a code line for 2 separate outcomes?
    1/ remove the shipping fields for digital download products only
    2/ leave the shipping fields available for tangible products that require shipping to customers
    I have the problem that i have both digital products and shipping products. how can I have the shipping fields available for the shipping customers
    and remove those fields and only the name and email only fields for digital downloads.
    at the moment i can have one or the other it seems. cheers Donna

  3. Is there any chance you could do a similar video about how to make some fields required and some fields optional, I would really appreciate it, thanks for this video.

  4. Hey Peter, this was really helpful, thanks heaps. Worked perfectly. If I can trouble you for more assistance though .. .. for phone number it has 'optional' is there an easy way to remove this?

  5. Hi, but how do I hide an additional information fields from a plugin? I manage to hide default fields for certain products. But how do hide additional information fields from a plugin ? can you help with this?

  6. the plugin that showed up is from SpaceXchimp, and did not get custom functions in appearance. I see this video is old, but new comments?

  7. Thanks a lot for your video. However, it doesn't work with WC Paid Listings. Even if I use your code, it asks me for account login. I believe it's coded in the plugin itself. Is there any solution you know how to fix it? Thanks in advance

  8. Hi, I´ve been trying to change the words (I need all in spanish) on the checkout page with a lot of plugins (Loco translator, checkout filed editor, etc. but they didn´t work. How can i do it manually?

  9. Hello, im not finding the plugin made by arthur. Instead, im seeing one made by space x chimp and it does not pop up in my appearance after having installed it. What should i do?


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