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  1. The business has ultimately benefited such a great deal because of selfless individuals like Chris Jericho and the Big Show simply because of their willingness to be a team player and put over younger talent and make them look strong. As far as I’m concerned, I have more respect for them than certain individuals using their political power backstage to remain on top and bury everyone who steps in their way.

  2. WWE deserves a bit of the blame when it comes to these guys not getting over NXT is good yes really good but just because Vince and Kevin Dunn are doing some stupid shit to you doesn't mean jack fucking diddly squat stand up for your self and quit being complacent shit Punk called out the locker room 3 years ago now for being lazy and complacent and us fans also need to get blamed for it too. Hope you decipher my broken English.

  3. No matter what Roman does or says, people will still kiss Cena's ass and say he is getting the better of Roman during this feud.

  4. WWE seriously doesn't need Emma anymore. Toni Storm and Rhea Ripley from the Mae Young Classic and The Iconic Duo from NXT are all Australian female wrestlers who have potential to bring more to the company going forward.

  5. For me it's not that I think Finn Balor is bad, he's just not making me get it. Sorry don't care about New Japan.  A title reign for Nia Jax, why not?, what's the worst that could happen?  As for Big Show, glad to see WWE allowed him to do something that made those stupid "Please Retire" chants go away.

  6. I didn't think it was possible at first, but The Big Show and Braun Strowman actually have excellent chemistry for two giants.

  7. You watch. With Emma added to the match at No Mercy, that's where you'll get the debut of the Iconic Duo. Although Nia should be the one to win.

  8. I have no issue with Miz retaining in the way he did, but there needs to be a rematch at No Mercy. Jeff should win his 5th IC Title there to start his solo run again. He needs the face paint and his old music brought back too. Matt should go back to SD where I think he would thrive this time, especially if he does a spinoff of Broken Matt to avoid Anthem's nonsense. It would be awesome to eventually see Jeff win a major title in WWE again and Matt finally win a major title for the first time in WWE before they both retire. At this point, the Hardyz splitting up sooner rather than later would benefit them both and prevent them getting stale.

  9. I hope Braun doesn't masterbate. With his track record of breaking things he would rip his cock off. He'd hold it over his head and shout  "BRAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN"

  10. And that's why the attitude era people are better fuck this jobber roster now. Big show undertaker Kane and others. Nakamoron AJ styles Kevin Owens. Please give me a fucking break. Hell even the hardyz. are still decent. The only person who don't matter is chris Jericho. That kiss ass, back in 2012 2013. Yes he was still good but now, no. He's terrible. Fuck this roster Now a Bunch of losers, attitude era all the way. And again fuck all these crybaby smarks.

  11. Fuck all these haters. They're fucking stupid and hypocritical.they don't even know who they want anymore.fuck em a bunch of Damm crybabies. Fuck djfromny fuck Bruceblits fuck deleyxman fuck ruthlessranter, fuck all of them they're nothing but smarks, fuck NXT fuck these jobbers. Because Roman reigns is the man. ,

  12. Only way Matt would be world champ is on SmackDown Live, you think Jinder would be where he is if he was on still on RAW?


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